Discover Regional Studies Online

LEO-BW is the regional information system for Baden-Wuerttemberg – prepared for the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the southwestern German state in 2012. This internet site is one of the contributions of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg to cultural education and our information society.

LEO-BW is for all the citizens of Baden-Wuerttemberg – old and new citizens alike – and, additionally, everyone who is interested in our state. Those doing academic or scientific research will find web-based access to geography-related sites and information. LEO-BW also offers a lot of material for school classrooms. LEO-BW is therefore also doing its part to improve media literacy and competence.

LEO-BW offers free access to high-quality information, multimedia, further resources, and literature from and about Baden-Wuerttemberg. You can find a variety of regional-related information from different sources all in one search.

LEO-BW is a joint project of its many illustrious institutions, who guarantee the quality and attractiveness of the offer. The Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg has taken the lead in coordinating the realization and direction of LEO-BW.